How to Refer Friends and Earn Free Bets

If you are into betting, you must have seen one of those promo codes from betting sites, right? If you did, click on the code and you will find yourself taken to the advertiser’s website. Do not be afraid to do this. In fact, all major online gambling facilities like Sky Bet offer promo codes to entice new and existing customers. Once you are at the Sky Bet site, just follow the instructions and you will get £300 sign-up bonus! But that is not all!

Unbelievable Referral Bonus

In Sky Bet (see here) from, you can become an instant affiliate marketer! If you refer friends to gamble in our site, you will get more bonuses, which is just as awesome as it could get!

Here’s what you have to do:

Word of mouth is crucial to this business, more importantly so because the referral is organic. The first thing you need to do is to tell your friends that we have amazing bonuses. If you can, then elaborate how promo codes such as the BetVictor work. Tell them how it has helped you sign up easily so they will sign up too.

Once that is done, go to Under the Promotions section and open your account. Look for the Refer a Friend button and fill out the form. The sign-up sheet will only ask for your friend’s name and his email address. You can choose to leave a personal message so your friend can validate that you invited him.

It would really help if your friend would sign up quickly and refer other friends. However, we do not want to sound pushy. To get this done, you can tell your friend that the sooner he signs up, the more bonuses he would get. Needless to say, he will have higher chances of winning since we are giving more seed money to him if he sings up quickly! In addition to that, registration is less costly for early birds!

If your friend signs up and pays £50 within a month from signing up, we will give you a referral bonus! If he, however, takes two months to sign up and pays £500, you will still get a bonus!

As mentioned earlier, the referral bonus does not only work for you, it works for your friend too! This means he will get more value for his registration and account sign up if he refers his friends like you did! Now, if your friend signs up within the time frames mentioned above and if he used the promo code for William Hill, he will get the same bonus with Bingo at William Hill!

Betting with Friends

Once you and your friends are on the site, all of you will have a chance to do live streaming of any horse derby! You can choose from over 200 tracks worldwide and get priceless insider information at absolutely no cost!

Now, this is what we call having fun! Think of this promo scheme as a way to entice your friends to spend more time together doing the things you love. All of you will get a lot of bonuses which you can share with your other friends! And all of that will happen because of our promo codes! Yes, we have designed this to be very customer-oriented because all we want is to give you a good time. < check them out too!

Awesome, right? Just a reminder, make sure you keep your gambling habits to a healthy level. Do not use money that you cannot afford to lose. If you find yourself spending money that is meant for something important, like rent and bill payment, we suggest that you stop. In case you are experiencing gambling problems, please contact Gamble

World Gambling Sites

Traveling is a very fun hobby. It only shows and exercises your adventurous mind. As a traveler, you know you can get lost anytime but that’s it—you just want to discover something by letting your feet lead the way. As a traveler, you’ll meet a lot of strange people who can get away your sanity, but they don’t—you just want to learn more. As a traveler, you are aware of the possible risks but you are just not a bit afraid to face them. With this, you are an exciting, sociable and brave person.

If you are a traveler and a gambler rolled into one, then you should know where you go if you want to satisfy both of your interests. In this world, you should not only settle and do your own gambling with your friends in the same place in the woods. If you consider yourself a gambler and you want to be called one, then you have the world to go around and search for the best places to gamble.

atlantis resortBahamas
Not only does Bahamas own the famous Caribbean Sea, but it is also famous for its Paradise Island where the Atlantis Resort is situated. It is one of the best and biggest casinos in the world, making it one of the best opportunities for gambling.

Monte Carlo
If you got a lot of excess cash from your multibillion bank account, then Monte Carlo is the place to be. It is a very luxurious place to waste money out. Not only are their gamblers wearing tuxedoes and long night gowns, but you can never enter their high gates without a big amount of money in your hands.

Las Vegas
This very famous place is flooded with many casinos flashing their blinking lights on at night. It is a place where you will never ran out of casinos to try for the night. Some of these are MGM Grand, Excalibur, Bellagio, and the Venetian. In addition, these places serve a lot of entertainment and restaurants that will surely keep you awake at night.

Yes, obviously, you will find the grandest casino in the world in this place: the Venetian Macau. Although this place is new to the field of gambling, they are hailed as the “Las Vegas of the Orient.”

marina baySingapore
Although Singapore is one of the most successful countries in the world, they are still new in gambling world because of Marina Bay and Resorts World. However, these places are not only good for your gambling thirst, but can also satisfy your sight and energetic personality for the numerous places that you can roam around in this place.

With all these places, you sure would be happy to visit all of them. If you are adventurous enough, then you would be discovering more of the casinos and gambling establishments these places has got to offer. As a reward for yourself, you should keep coming back to these places because it is a guarantee that you will miss giving yourself a break in the best way.